1. supersonicart:

    Street Art and Installations by Samuel Rodriguez.

    Samuel Rodriguez (Previously on Supersonic) takes to the streets in his latest series of colorful, beautiful work.  Take a look at more below!

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  2. Would rock this.

  3. Batch N°001 of #BuzsStacheStay #moustache wax

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  5. Get your space funk on

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  6. #Latergram from photo exploration of the Market on Saturday w/@twotimeslim & co #easternmarket #vscocam #streetart (at Red Bull House of Art)


  7. Here is a mix, fitting for the weather and my mood today, right now anyway. I made it a few weeks ago.

  8. fdf

    Truth. Going to see this tomorrow at #RosaParksBoys’ show of #LA artists in #Detroit

  9. creativemornings:

    "When you stop looking at your job to solve all your problems, you’ll stop being disappointed."

    — Helena Price. Watch the talk.


  10. "Research on manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th century is no longer possible for most undergraduates at American colleges. When the ability to read cursive disappears, our connection to history—and even to our own past—is lost."