1. "The uneasy suspicion that if you heard yourself talking, you would sound like an asshole."
    — Magnificent Ruin (via nevver)

    (via nevver)


  2. "Pockets are a must, for storing your necessaries. Knife, money, tobacco, frogs, string, marbles, bullets. Read your Twain for suggested pocket wares."
    — Nick Offerman prescribes your everyday carry (via putthison)
  3. gothscreenshots:

    Time can’t be replaced because it’s invisible.



  5. "Nothing human is finally calculable; even to ourselves we are strange."
    — Gore Vidal (via nevver)

    (via nevver)

  6. That time I saw Darkside in an arena with thousands of other moody people. #tbt #vscocam

  7. imshootingfilm:

    Folkhemmet by sonicinfusion on Flickr.

    Holga 120N.

  8. prettycolors:


  9. Photo my Busia took on one of her trips to Poland. This was a goat herder that hopped on a tourist trolley up the mountain to get to his goats.

  10. supersonicart:

    Street Art and Installations by Samuel Rodriguez.

    Samuel Rodriguez (Previously on Supersonic) takes to the streets in his latest series of colorful, beautiful work.  Take a look at more below!

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