1. Campari advertisement from a 1937 issue of Corriere della Sera. More Deco Campari goodness at the link below.

    via Steven Heller for Print Magazine 


  2. "She dropped me at my car and left for the airport. After a brief moment of flirting through the car windows she turned to the highway and was gone. I was immediately struck. She was someone to hold hands with, to kiss, to make eyes at. She was not filling in for someone in particular, necessarily, but she was a target for my affection. Affection which I desire to give out, and which she reciprocated. I had forgotten my loneliness for a week."
  3. vinyl-artwork:

    Charlie Parker Vol 02 - Bird and Diz, 1950.

    Cover by David Stone Martin.

    (via streetetiquette)

  4. #grainisgood #hashtagjokes (at Great Lakes Coffee)

  5. snowce:

    Daniel Angeli, Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez, 1975

  6. gifsofthe80s:

    Cheese, Glorious Cheese - 1987

  7. Well it looks a bit psychotic when you put it that way… #wearingoutmymarkers

  8. Because Ghostbusters was on all afternoon today.

  10. Serious business in Ukraine right now, serious consequences. I’m thinking its only a matter of ‘when' the country will split in two…not if.

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